Strategic Plan & Mission

Mission Statement

The Rice Lake Public Library connects all people to their community and the world by promoting literacy, providing opportunities for recreation, supporting lifelong learning, and ensuring free and open access to ideas.

Vision Statement

This is our vision for the future of the Rice Lake Public Library:

The Rice Lake Public Library is the center of community life in the Rice Lake area. It is a source of pride for local residents, most of whom make extensive use of the library’s materials and facility. All people feel welcome at the Rice Lake Public Library.

The library has a large, architecturally stimulating building located in the heart of the city. People come to the library to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book, to gather for a community meeting, to attend one of the library’s varied programs, to play or have quiet time with their children, to make use of the library’s state-of-the-art technology, to seek out information from a trusted source, or simply to “hang out.” Making customer service a top priority, the library consistently anticipates and meets the needs of Rice Lake area residents

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals were developed to ensure that the Vision and Mission of the Rice Lake Public Library are realized. Each goal includes strategies to accomplish the goal and key indicators to measure performance. Although goals are numbered for ease of reference, they are not prioritized.

    1. Expand the library’s “customer base” by increasing outreach, expanding programming, and enhancing the collection.

    2. Determine what facility will best provide expanded services to meet the current and future needs of the community.

    3. Cultivate and maintain community partnerships to extend the reach of library services to all people.

4. Establish a financially secure library, by ensuring that the library remains a high priority with area residents and government at all levels, and by encouraging private donations.

5. Maintain adequate levels of staffing and support continued professional development for staff.

6. Advocate at a city, county, state, and national level for legislation that supports libraries, ensures patron confidentiality, and promotes free and open access to information.