Resource Room

- under the photo slider (which is awesome) on the right is our Google calendar. Let's remove that. We never update it. We do have a PDF events calendar that we need somewhere on the website, but I'm open to suggestions where it should go. It'd be nice to have it somewhere on the front page, but honestly I think that might look a bit silly. 
- rather than the Google calendar, can we have a link to our Facebook page? We update that pretty much daily, so it'd be fun to have them embedded right there. 
- we noticed that the MORE library catalog logo and search was removed from the top right of the front page. We really need that there. 
- we still need our hours, staff contacts and my account on the top right of the front page too!
- also, we've rethought the various tab headed / drop down pages:



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How to:

  • Get a library card

  • Reserve a meeting room


  • Library catalog

  • Databases

  • Ebooks

  • ILL

Strategic Plan/Mission

Library Board



Friends of the Library

  • Capital campaign

  • Donations

  • Book store

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  • Adult/Jr.

Location and Hours

- rather than the blog / recent posts, could we have four squares highlighting certain databases? At the last meeting with Kerrie and Dane they showed me that we could turn out long list of different resources (links to websites, databases, library catalogs) into a spreadsheet. I'd like to highlight four of them: overdrive, chronotype, ancestry, badgerlink.