Mid Winter REading Program

Family Reading Program!

We are all set to begin our annual mid-winter reading program that encourages children to read for fun all winter long.

Pick up a participation sheet at the Library in January
Read 25 Books or chapters and track on participation sheet
Turn in completed sheet for a free book and entry in the Family Fun-Pack Drawing

Last Years Mid-Winter Reading Event Winner
Midwinter Reading Winners 001


Believe it or not, learnĀ­ing to read begins at birth

father and child with book

Everyone wants to do the best for their baby. Looking at books with your child every day is one of the most important things you can do for her/his future. Sharing books together strengthens your child’s foundation for learning. Pointing at pictures in a book, saying rhymes, singing songs, writing words, and playing together makes your child more ready for school. Your baby’s ability to learn grows from interacting with you, not a screen or educational toy. Plant the seed for lifelong learning by growing a reading relationship with your baby.

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